The American Dream

Session 4
Festivus Interruptus
A masqued celebration of Powers is crashed not once, but twice

The Familia makes plans for the upcoming Samhaine ball, one of the four festivals held at the corners of the year. As it is Halloween, it is traditional to come costumed in the guise of something you hate. Secret Knowledge comes as a schoolgirl, Texas as a New York carpetbagger, Hope as a militant neo-Klansman, Entropy as a ???, and Apocalypse as Dan Jenkins (author of the Left Behind novels).

Croatoan gives them but a brief looking over and leaves to join the Imperator party, hosted by Lord Entropy itself. The Familia enters through the smaller but no less impressive Nobles’ entrance, and a dizzying array of social displays ensue. This is Hope’s first social function since being invested, and he endures a steady stream of introductions and veiled statements with ablomb. Apocalypse heads off to find his old poker buddies (War, Famine, Conquest, and Death, with Famine tagging along). Entropy however, with Secret Knowledge and Texas in tow, discovers a remarkable art display with her calling card.

The display is a window onlooking the hospital room of a certain prominent Senator, recently revealed to have been grappling with terminal cancer for some time now. Arrayed in the room as a bit of decollage are news clippings and the drone CNN in the background, all expounding upon how this secret completely undermines all the work the senator has been doing for quite some time, mostly notably his stance on nuclear non-proliferation.

Entropy is impressed, but disavows any hand in this. Apocalypse learns of this display over table chatter in the poker room, and is disgusted as this particular bit of art hits a little too close to home. Shortly after, a herald is granted entrance to the party – another Anchor of Least Ember, falling apart as always with green fire in her eyes. She proclaims the exhibit as a gift to Entropy, recompense for the mercy and restraint she showed during the recent confrontation in Iran. Entropy accepts, choosing her words carefully so not as to appear either indebted to this Excrucian shard or (worse) a sympathizer. The message having been delivered, the Anchor collapses in a pile of distorted flesh. Apocalypse and Entropy brainstorm briefly on the potential this Senator has, and Entropy grants Apocalypse permission to “deal” with his condition. He then heads off in search of Pestilience (currently playing his seat at the poker table) in search of a one-year Miraculous remission of cancer.

Meanwhile, Hope is engaged in a conversation with several powers of both Hell and the Dark regarding whether Hope has any place in Hell. The Power of Consumption delivers an anecdote about the world of Saxa-Royant, which found its cities besieged by entities known as the Devourers in its final days. The moment at which Hope was rescued by Croatoan (and, by finding refuge with a True God, became a concept exclusive to Earth), all the scientists abandoned their Great Work (an attempt to weave light into an impermeable shield against the enemy) and simply laid down awaiting death. Fortunately, Consumption continues, the Devourers are starch allies against the Excrucians, and she happens to be on good terms with them. She offers to inquire whether any of the focusing lenses being developed survived the end days of Saxa-Royant.

And with that, Consumption begins to become…incoherent. Pieces of her start to phase in an out, moving ahead or behind her personal timestream. Eventually, her physical form begins to unravel, each fragment of mass transmuting into a single, impossibly beautiful butterfly. Hope snatches one before it escapes, and is momentarily possessed of an overwhelming urge to attack the buffet with gusto. However, no diet surviving without a significant portion of hope, he masters the urge. By the end, Consumption is no more, and countless butterflys escape the room. Hope places his captive butterfly back in the Warehouse for analysis.

For which there is no better time than the present. The keen eyes of Texas reveal that the number of butterflies released is approximately equal to the number of beings on Earth. Thus, the Familia reaches the conclusion that Consumption has not been killed but rather…reapportioned, each person receiving an equal share of the Domain. An unheard-of and therefore disturbing development.

Of which there is no shortage. The party is brought to an unsettling conclusion as a massive chain, sized to hold something truly gargantuan, crashes into the Chancel. None is harmed, save the celebratory mood. Cursory examination reveals little of use, and all eyes turn to the door behind which the Imperators are engaged in relations of their own….

Session 3
A Very Polite Throw-Down

November 23, 2009

The Familia travels to Iran, and discovers that a secret nuclear enrichment facility has been built directly on top of the gates to Hell. Secret Knowledge further reveals that there are layers of mortal subterfuge – the purpose of the site is not just to enrich uranium, but to do so using eldrich alchemical means.

Clearly this won’t do. Led by the Powers of Texas and Hope in disguise, the Familia infiltrates the site and eventually comes face to face with the lead scientists’s personal assistant, whom the Sight reveals to be an Excrucian shard. He greets the familia with a certain formality and introduces himself as Least Ember.

Negotiations ensue; Entropy halts the rapid decay of the lead scientist as a favor and show of good faith. This buys the rest of the Familia time to come to an arrangement. Least Ember is offered the chance to save his own skin if he gives up the facility without a fight. He accepts the offer, being faced with five Nobles including one of truly impressive Aspect and two very dangerous Domains. He counteroffers to get his Anchor/key back, and the Familia (having nothing better to do with it) trades it to guarantee the survival of the lead scientist. The terms having been settled, Least Ember takes the key (and its holding box) in his position and leaves forthwith.

Destruction and desolation follow. Apocalypse triggers the meltdown failsafe, forcing an evacuation of the facility of all mortal personell – a brief digression ensues regarding the definition of “innocence” in the context of a bomb factory, but the decision is make in favor of not burying them all in a radioactive grave. Apocalypse descend to the reactor core of the facility, and finds alchemy and atomics used in equal measure. He assumes the guise of Ahriman and summons forth Zahak. The dragon is given amended marching orders – treat as enemy the next person who arrives bearing the key (a precaution against Least Ember’s return). As a bit of entirely superfluous vengeance, the forgotten king who was transformed into Zahak is given the chance for parole, if he hunts and consumes the base’s political officer. A black Mercedes outside just happens to be crushed in an onrush of flaming debris, and thus one monster is replaced by another. The gates to Hell are sealed shut once more, and Entropy claims what remains of the facility in a final wave of dust and violence.

The Familia returns to Warehouse 23 with the good doctor in tow. While his current research into the creation of a Green Lion is a dead-end (it requires Excrucian energies as a catalyst), the imminent collapse of his physical form is arrested and he finds himself with a small research grant and place to live out his remaining days.

Session 1
Which Watch is Which?

November 2nd, 2009

In which a long-delayed service from the Cammora is fulfilled to the Power of Secret Knowledge, albeit a different one. This particular Cammora wants her watch back, or so she tells us.

A flurry of timepiece-related inquiries ensue, and a fascinating Five-Jeweled Watch is investigated. It becomes apparant that each jewel in the watch corresponds to one of Croatoan’s Powers. One could do immense harm to the Imperator if one knew how, and it could be used to similarly revive him (or his Estates) from near-death if need be.

After all is said and done, the Familia realizes this is not the watch they’re looking for.

The search subsequently reveals an archaeological dig in Greenland which has found a most unique tusk – at the very least much larger than any previously discovered. Upon closer investigation, it becomes apparent that the entire dig site has been encased within a bubble of looped time, constantly reliving the last few days of the year 2000.

A description of the tusk is retrieved from the members of the Expedition and the buildings on-site – it was carved in the Norse tradition, depicting Asgard and Midgard joined by the Rainbow Bridge. It was also, more importantly, absent – having been spirited away by a Miracle smelling strongly of Bridges.

Session 2
The building and burning of Bridges

November 16th, 2009

In which the Familia investigated the affairs of the Power of Bridges, and went to his aid…more or less.

Negotations for the Bifrost Tusk did not go well, as the Power of Bridges feels that he has a perfectly legitmate claim to the item. From his comments, the Familia implied that it was a major component in something he has planned, regarding bolstering the defenses of his Domain.

An Excrucian attack on the Golden Gate Bridge was thwarted, and an unusual Anchor (a set of keys) was claimed in triumph. A molecularly perfect copy has been made of the keys courtesy of a nearby experimental nanotech lab, and the lock for these keys was found through sorcery – a gate in the mountains of Iran, guarded by the dragon Zahak.

The Bay Bridge was also found to be under attack, but from a different source.


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