Spoils from the Templar Vault

Everything we got from the Templar vault beneath Jerusalem


A) a diagram of Mammoth Cave (for the Blood of God recovery)
B) the Baphomet: a mummified head with sapphires for eyes and a bloodstone set in its forehead. A prophetic item that can (also?) act as voice of the Wildlords.
C) a Templar tabard; a virgin garment
D) a duplicate key to the gates of Eden, which can also open any other lock
E) a bell that chimes with Muvian or Lemurian acoustics
F) a dagger that can kill a Power, each murder charging it up for the next one
G) a (the?) grail
H) 26 silver shekels in an ivory bowl of pure water
I) eleven periapts (stones used to hold some of a Power’s essence) for entropy and apocalypse; liberty [1/3]; apples, architecture, brotherhood, comets, Congo, and radio [6/9]; conspiracy, and the infinite


Spoils from the Templar Vault

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