The American Dream

Working Vacation

A new locus of activity is found in New Orleans

The familia discusses the necessity of wiping their memories regarding the False Ark. Harold and Hank each are voluntariliy redacted (does Oren?). Dee considers it unnecessary given his nature, and Hope cannot spare the miraculous energies required.

The Babbage Engine finally completes its processing, and identifies the most likely ritual site as a row house facing Congo Square in New Orleans. Hank, Hope (as Ralph), Dee, and Wilson (unoccoupied) travel to New Orleans to gather more information. Further research on the house indicates that it was constructed by August Notie, former mortal agent of the warehouse and subsequent member of the Cammorra.

Oren is dispatched to Washington D.C. to collaborate with Ligea regarding opposition to URIEL’s imminent Enchancellment.

Hank demonstrates just how impressive his shapeshifting abilities are, and easily penetrates the security of the row house. Once inside, he finds that the geometry of the interior is flexible, and reshapes itself to keep him contained within. Hank makes the acquaitance of one Captain Latrobe (or the shade of the captain, rather). The Captain is polite, but requests that Hank not distubs “the legation” any more than he already has. Hank identifies himself as an agent of Heaven, and withdraws rather than provoke further confrontation.

On his way out, Hank is subject to the attention (but not interrogation) of an Ofanim shard. From there he rejoins the others who have gone to the bayou for further investigation.



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