The American Dream


Recess machinations lead to the passing of judgements

Dee’s anchor Content Not Found: folkes informs his Noble that LORD ENTROPY is scrambling during the recess to swing the voting back in his favor, currently by trying to curry the favor of HA KADUSH BARAKA by expanding the role of the Wild in Creation as a whole. Mister Linus arranges a meet between Firkus and the Power of Foundations in the hopes that the two of them can sidechannel a way to keep SUROLAM happy. Dee himself meanwhile makes a meeting with a (hopefully vulnerable) Cammora member from Mister Linus’ list.

Firkus and Content Not Found: ruth meet at the bar in Yesod. Ruth immeidately spots that Folkes (who has been sent along by Dee) is both an anchor and Cammora agent, although is more impressed than alarmed by it. Letting slip LORD ENTROPY’s deal with HA KADUSH BARAKA goes a long way towards getting Ruth’s attention. Excusing himself from Folkes’ prescence, Firkus offers to wield The Vote on behalf of the defendants in exchange for a marker to call against SUROLAM. Ruth accepts the offer, and furthermore agrees to extort additional concessions from Familia Croatoan on the principle that they won’t know any better. Sure enough, Dee signs over the Cornerstone of Vienna.

Meanwhile, Dee is sitting down with Content Not Found: teofil, administrator of a “misplaced” Soviet city in Siberia which he runs as his own personal fiefdom. Dee lays out an abbreviated version of his plan and offers Teofil a slot in the ground floor. Teofil is intrigued but not immediately swayed; the familia’s history of not giving a fuck about Cammora protocols creates some barriers to trust. In the end, Teofil signs onboard to Dee’s new world.

Dee then has a followup meeting with Content Not Found: moira, Power of Fate. Moira is instantly drawn the the Singular Band Dee wears on his finger. Dee tries to lure Fate in by showing her the inside of the Ark that held the offspring, she remarks that “He is going to be a lovely boy”. She wishes him luck and advises him to act while he has the opportunity. They cannot come to any greater accord and so part ways.

Court is called back into session

Scorn moves for summary judgement immediately; LORD ENTROPY calls for a vote. ANANDA obstains, all others vote aye. Upon seeing that HA KADUSH BARAKA is voting against his Familia, Oren takes unswerving action. In a single action he rises, throws back his duster, draws The Gun, and looses an Apocalypse Round at Firkus. Firkus’ form explodes in a shower of hot metal as the Powers of Familia Croatoan are apported from the courtroom by the unseen will of CROATOAN.

His surviving Powers attending him, CROATOAN orders an evacuation of the contents of the warehouse to New Eden, “where you will continue to attend me”.



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