The American Dream


July 20th, 2011

The familia returns from Eden, separated.

Hank reemerges in Afghanistan; and is evac’ed out courtesy of the Warehouse mystery cult. The nature of his allegiances to either Heaven or the Wyld are as yet unknown, possibly not even to Hank himself.

Oren exits via Hell, and after a brief scuffle finds himself face-to-face with Minos. Minos takes his fruit of Life as surety until such time as Dee delivers the fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Dee innocently strolls out of the gate Gardens provided in Pasadena. From there he makes his way back to the Abyss, and concludes the deal with Minos. Before doing, he miraculously extracts the seeds of the fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Dee hands over both the fruit and the book containing the Warmain to Minos (noting that Minos has similarly removed the seeds from the fruit of Life). Minos seems almost giddy (for a lord of Hell) to begin interrogating the Excrucian contained within the book.

Harold presents himself before CROATOAN and attempts damage control on the incoming Ofanim inquisitor; he is charged with preventing the Ofanim from entering the Warehouse proper, and in turning the impression of Lillith into an ally. This is, rougly speaking, par for the course. Harold confronts the Ofanim at the threshold, and agrees to answer its questions so that it will not enter the Warehouse. The gates of his mind are thrown open by the angel, and it knows all that he knows. Ofanim-shards are observed speeding off to every significant place on Earth that the familia is aware of. The Heavenly Host are nothing if not thorough.

Of greatest concern is the shard heading for the island near Galvaston, site of the tryst between CROATOAN and ARAHAB. This could potentially give Heaven ideal leverage over CROATOAN in any upcoming conflicts, and the familia decides a coverup is in order.

Plans are discussed of varying levels of advisability, and in the end it is decided to plant a false trap there (ostensibly placed by the Excrucian Strategist) to convice the Ofanim to conclude its investigation without discovering the site’s true importance. The payload consists of a fake Imperial newborn, with Excrucian DNA spliced in and set to trigger upon discovery (the supposed point of the trap). This is constructed by Ralph, using gloves made of the shed Serpent’s Skin (taken from Eden) so as not to reveal any of the familia’s fingerprints. An ark to house the egg is built from available materials, and is an exact copy of the ark that houses the actual offspring of the tryst.

A potent conjunctional miracle (requiring a Word of Command by Hope) slips the payload in beneath the Ofanim-shard’s watchful eye, and there is nothing left to do but wait.

Warehouse acquisitions

Seeds of the fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil
Gloves made from the shed skin of the Edenic Serpent



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