The American Dream

Stumbling Towards Judgement

Eleven hours, fifty-nine minutes

Oren ignores Dee’s entreaty and holds forth the offer Harold gave his life to be heard: ARAHAB could join CROATOAN in the New Eden, raise their child together in a realm divorced from the discord of the Locust Court and Valde Bellum. She does not dismiss the offer out of hand but is skeptical; she sends Daniel Boone and Latrice to investigate firsthand.

Meanwhile, Iris does damage control with Dee; he does not take this well. He is enraged by the loss of Apocalypse’s hearthstone, and demands Iris and Oren return the lost fragment of Secret Knowledge (last held by Mister Linus) or they will be denied access to the warehouse.

Oren, Boone, and Latrice are met at the gates of New Eden by Dee’s anchor. Oren scrambles to get Dee onboard for the time being, and both agree to deal with the greater fallout later. Latrice notices a “gulf” beneath the surface where the New Eden’s shadow dwells, and comments that this is not a suitable for an Aaron’s Serpent. Latrice is given a key so that she may return with her brother, the power of Engines, and give New Eden a proper ocean.

Oren and Latrice further conspire that the best way to smooth over any lingering resentment between the Imperial couple is to have ARAHAB to give the Apocalypse hearthstone to their child – as it is a part of him, CROATOAN (they hope) will accept the child, the new Power of Apocalypse, and the union.

In the few hours remaining before the trial, Oren locates and anchors Samuel Taylor to replace the anchor killed by Dee during his earlier fit of pique.

The trial begins

Cases before the Locust Court

  • Love between Chelsea and Adam Kadmon
  • Love between Oren and Iris
  • Love between Medemia and Talbot Finch

Love between CROATOAN and ARAHAB hasn’t yet been formally charged, but it is an open secret at this point.

In the matter of a violation of the Windflower Law by Oren and Iris

Oren and Iris present themselves before the Locust Court at the hour of their summoning. Oren defends himself on the grounds that he was acting in the best interests of Creation. Chelsea testifies on behalf of the defendants, and further offers that in her opinion the marriage has the approval of God and the archangels. Hakadush Baraka backs up this claim with an affirmation that “what was done in the sight of God was done rightly”.

Oren calls Iris’ father, the Aaron’s Serpent Thalmus, to testify. This yields a ripple of whispers in the court, and LORD ENTROPY adjourns court for the day so Thalmus can be “respectfully summoned”.



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