The American Dream


The Familia hypotheses at length, realizes some disturbing possibilities, and provides intelligence to an enemy

In the aftermath on the Jerusalem vault heist, the ill-gotten gains are inventoried and sorted. The Familia has acquired eleven periapts, along with a variety of other artifacts. Most notably acquired is a Templar tabard which has never been worn – it is theorized that this was to be worn by Mister Linus during his grand working. Certain members of the Familia (most notably Secret Knowledge and Entropy) seem to look forward to Linus attempting to reclaim his lost property.

With the Midsummeer Ball approaching, the Familia decides that it is in everyone’s best interests to warn Mister Linus not to butterfly any members of Familia AEACHUS, lest the Excrucians establish a foothold beyond Linus’ carefully constructed (if hopelessly flawed, in the eyes of some) Fourth Age. Secret Knowledge uses means unknown to reach out to James, the former Power of Apocalypse, and warns him that AEACHUS is suspected of being a Mimic. James is understandably taken aback by this news, and assures Secret Knowledge that he will take this under advisement.

What begins as idle speculation in the aftermath of the parley with James becomes a series of disturbing conversations amongst the Familia – what if Linus is engaging in all of these activities with CROATOAN’s consent? What if Linus thinks he is severing all ties with the Third Age, only to be used as a stalking horse and bringing CROATOAN forth as the sole, single Imperator of the Fourth? The Familia realizes that they have never received explicit instructions to derail Linus’ plan, even when the full extent of his enterprise was only speculation. What if CROATOAN’s agenda is not to foil Linus, but rather sit back and just watch if he succeeds, then claim the spoils of his victory? Secret Knowledge finds these possibilities particularly disturbing, as he must remain Faithful to whatever agenda CROATOAN asks him to pursue. If, at any time, CROATOAN grants his imprimatur to Linus’ plan then Secret Knowledge must also fall in line; this would place him in direct conflict with at least one member of the Familia (Apocalypse), and possibly more. Most disturbing to Apocalpyse, Secret Knowledge most likely would not inform the Familia if he were under orders to assist Linus, and thus the trust between brothers would be irrevocably torn.

In the end, the Familia decides that this matter must be settled if they are to have faith in Secret Knowledge, and be able to move forth with confidence. It is resolved that several members of the Familia will present themselves in the Holiest of Holies, and ask CROATOAN directly whether or not Linus is to succeed…..



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