The American Dream

Background Check

Entropy claims a new anchor, and the Familia performs a minor heist

After much deliberation on the afternoon of July 25th, a vote is taken and the majority favors sparing the life of Emma. Hank further decides that the best way to make use of her is as an Anchor, and he does so without hesitation.

The doors of Emma’s mind are laid bare to Hank, and the Familia learns much of Mister Linus’ plan. He intends to create a new reality without any spiritual ties to the Imperators, and thus entirely removed from their conflict with the Excrucians. The butterfly effect that occurs at each corner of the year is a ritual to convey that aspect of reality for into Linus’ New World (which, Hank learns, will claim 81 victims at Midsummer). The ex-Powers who take Linus’ deal will live on as demigods in the New World, but consent is not necessary for a Domain to be distributed if need be. The plan will culminate in a little over three month’s time, one year after the first Manifestation.

The Familia also learns the location of the Emma’s (other) periapt, the creation of which was instrumental in her de-Powering. It is stored in a bank vault within Jerusalem’s Old Quarter, and the Familia decides that now would be an excellent time to reclaim their Anchor’s property (and anything else which isn’t nailed down in the immediate vicinity).

Hank, Oren, Harold, and Dee exit the Warehouse in Cairo and proceed overland to Jerusalem. Once within the bank, Harold performs a Lesser Change of Metropolis and opens every door in Jersulaem. Every. Last. One. With the Warehouse mystery cult providing suppressing fire, the Familia strolls into the now open vault, where they come face-to-visage with an Ofanim guarding the teleport pentacle inscribed on the vault floor. Oren dispatches it with an Ogun-bullet, and the Familia proceed on to the other side of the pentacle – the secret Templar vaults beneath Jerusalem.

Emma’s periapt is discovered nearby, along with a veritable trove of artifacts kept nearby (most notably 27 pieces of silver at the bottom of a bowl filled with water). Goods are shoveled into black duffel bags as quickly as possible (the silver receiving special handling), and the Familia exeunts back to aboveground Jerusalem. As a parting gift to Mister Linus, Harold performs his second Lesser Change of Metropolis that day and retracts the boundaries of the city several hundred feet upwards. This has the tragic consequence of filling all the Templar vaults with bedrock, much to the fatal annoyance of anyone down there (and the slightly less fatal annoyance of Mister Linus himself).

Meanwhile, the city is attempting to deal with all manor of mundane and supernatural breaches in security in the wake of Harold’s opening miracle. Wanting to contribute in some way to the cleanup effort, Harold performs one last miracle, a Lesser Creation of Apocalypse in which all the firstborn sons of Jerusalem are given knowledge of the arts of Solomon to bind demons, for a period of exactly seven days.



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