The American Dream

Session 7

Noting that the Imbolc ball is on February 1st, the Familia Croatoan accelerates their timetable a bit to make sure that the public unveiling of the Space Elevator is done beforehand. Thus, January 31st is established as the day when the Elevator will touchdown to Texatlanta and be formally operational.

Amidst the flurry of preparation, a discussion ensues as to just what the Space Elevator is in the Mythic World. Or rather, what it shall be, because it exists in a largely undefined-conceptual space. Numerous suggestions are broached, with the final candidates being a Tower, a Bridge, a Tree, or a Road. The Bridge is ruled out for largely political reasons, the Tower for conceptual ones. A vote is taken amongst the Familia, and the Road is chosen as the winner. Thus, the familia seeks to cement the Space Elevator’s Mythic aspect as a Celestial Route 66, the American Highway to the Heavens. The Power of Roads is all-too happy to assist with this endeavor, and strings are pulled to have the terrestrial boarding facility built in the Prarie style with flanking lions, to mimic the start of Route 66 in Chicago at the Art Institute.

On the day of the unveiling, things appear to be going smoothly when a minor anomaly is noticed during the docking procedure – an increased fuel usage stemming from the Elevator being a few tons heavier than expected. Secret Knowledge investigates with the assistance of Entropy and Hope, and it is revealted that a hidden compartment has been built into the Elevator shaft, with integrated power to the Elevator as a whole. Upon further inspection, they appear to be Martian War Machines which are now missing from the Warehouse. Entropy makes short work of the payload, but not before Secret Knowledge salvages the telepathic transceiver that (apparently) serves as the activation mechanism. A converstaion ensues with….something….on the other end, apparently Martian in origin. He extends the thanks of Yoh-Vombis to Hope for leaving Mars.

Earthside, Texas is primarily engaged in his anchor as governor of Texatlanta, while Apocalypse serves as chaperone for the various Powers who are attendance; invited were one Power from each of the Consilium Americana (to be filled in later). While the matter of the Martian War Machines is being dealt with, Apocalypse engages in damage control with the various Nobles. He breaks the news to Towers that the Space Elevator will not be considerd a Mythic Tower; annoyance is expressed on both sides, and Apocalypse eventually dismisses Towers with his usual lack of aplomb. He then probes Mars on the issue of the War Machines themselves – Mars recongizes the name of Yoh-Vombis on the other end of the transceiver, but disavows any involvement in the installation of said murderious tripods.

Apocalypse also does a brief divination to locate any nearby individuals who are having a severely….apocalyptic reaction to the installation of the Space Elevator. An Air Force officer is having an adverse reaction, and Apocalypse forwards his dossier over to Texas for transfer off the base. More worrying is an executive of the European Space Agency in attendance, who is having a moment of profound secular nihilism. He proves to be of more serious concern, as he is in control of the Kotonou launch facility codes and may choose to make his private apocalypse public in the months to come. Apocalypse enlists Secret Knowledge in creating a CIA dossier on this person of interest, and his long-term monitoring and eventual neutralization is thusly subcontracted to the mortals in Langely.

In the end, the Elevator fits safely in its docking collar earthbound and the inaugeral transport begins its ascent. The Powers, meanwhile, turn their attention for the Imbolc ball to be hosted the following evening…



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